Cheer up, slow down, chill out – Byron style

10 reasons why Byron Bay is the best Australian Surf Getaway destination

We’re probably a bit biased, but we think that even when being objective, the Byron Bay area has everything a surfer’s heart desires. Not convinced? Read our top 10 reasons why we love our Byron home:

  1. There are plenty of surfing options on Byron’s expansive coastline: the Byron Bay area and surrounds has options for different swell and weather conditions. There’s protected corners for all wind directions, and with the many years of surfing experience here we know exactly where to take you on the day.
  2. Surfers of all levels can find a wave suitable to them: learn to surf with a surf lesson at The Pass, go to the back beaches for a quieter wave, or paddle out at across the rocks at Lennox Point on a good day – whatever you’re ready for!
  3. Byron Bay is home to a true surf culture since the 60’s and local shapers such as Bob McTavish have been at the forefront of the shortboard revolution, resulting in the fact that you find boards of all shapes and sizes in the line-up. Because of it’s great breaks, Byron has attracted and retained many great surfers that call Byron and Lennox Head home (such as Bob McTavish, Rusty Miller, Daniel Wills, Kieren Perrow, Stuart Kennedy, Adam Melling, Stephanie Single, Dave Rastovich & Lauren Hill, Pauline Menzer, the next generation surfers Kyuss King and Nyxie Ryan and many more).
  4. Byron Bay, surfing holiday getaway, natureWith its subtropical climate it never gets too cold to get in the water, although a good wetsuit in winter does make it a bit more comfortable.
  5. There is breathtaking nature in and around Byron: from the rainforest walk up to the lighthouse, secluded beaches and beautiful waterfalls (we’ll tell you all about them when you get here).
  6. After a big surf session, Byron is the perfect spot for relaxation – visit a spa, get a massage, or take a ‘yoga for surfers’ class. With our Custom Getaways you can create your own ‘Byron Bay Health & Wellness’ or ‘Surf & Yoga Retreat’.
  7. If there’s a lay day in our surf schedule, you can keep busy with other adventurous activities, such as kayaking, diving, paragliding or horse riding. Let us know what tickles your fancy and we have the connections with other local operators to put together your adventure trip of a lifetime.
  8. Byron embraces its unique cultural and social diversity. We respect and acknowledge the traditional Arakwal people for who Byron, or Cavanbah, was a ‘meeting place’, and at the same time embrace the cultural diversity of people that have made Byron their home.
  9. In Byron, kids think sushi is a ‘snack’. The hippy legacy and active outdoors lifestyle have created a focus on a healthy and balanced lifestyle, with healthy local organic food options outshining unhealthy fast food.
  10. And most importantly for women joining our Ladies Surf Getaways – there’s plenty of women in the water in Byron. Where in many places surfing is still a male dominated culture, on some days you will find just as many or even more female surfers in the line-up than men!
The Byron at Byron resort, Surf Getaways accomodation

The Byron at Byron Resort and Spa

Plenty of surf options, good food, time to relax and for adventures 

We hope to see you here soon so we can show you all our favourite spots. Be it on our Ladies Surf Getaway or with our Custom Getaways, where we help you create your very own idyllic getaway in beautiful Byron Bay for your small group or family. Let us know when you are coming, what you would like to do, your accommodation requirements and we will do the rest.

Our next Byron Bay Ladies Surf Getaway is from Sunday 22nd Oct – Friday 27th Oct 2017, with accomodation at the beautiful resort The Byron at Byron, only a short walk from Tallows Beach and set amongst subtropical rainforest.


Contact us to arrange for your own group of friends for when it suits you (price on enquiry).

Image source: Byron-Bay Blog

Image source: Byron-Bay Blog

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