Why go on an all-girls getaway?

If you need convincing to go on a girls trip:

Remember those holidays with your best girlfriends? College ski-trips, road trips and city getaways. Once careers, partners and family come into the mix, valuable ‘quality time’ and going on adventures with the important women in your life are often hard to fit in. Whether it’s to reconnect with life-long friends, a mother-daughter trip, or to make new friends for life, it’s good for us women to spend some time away together and escape from our daily routines.

Especially when wanting to learn to surf, or improve your surfing skills: being in an all women group, including the surf coaches, creates a safe, supportive and non-competitive environment. The perfect environment to learn to surf or improve at your own pace.

Female surf coaches experienced at coaching women of all ages understand how to support you beyond the technical and physical aspects of surfing. They also know what mental and confidence barriers might restrict you from improving.

surf-getaways-fiji-8Just imagine an all-girls surf line-up, where your friends are calling you onto waves, rather than dropping in on you. A surf trip where we make sure we take you out in waves we know is within (or close enough to) your comfort zone.

Not to mention the yoga and massage included in the Surf Getaways, looking back at the day during our after surf pool sessions. And sharing your experience with like minded women: the conversations, fun and laughs to be had throughout the trip.

In short: all-girls surf trips are guaranteed fun and create the right encouraging and nurturing environment to improve your surfing, at your own pace and for your own skill level.

Who are our Ladies Surf Getaways designed for?

Our Ladies Surf Getaways offer an outstanding holiday designed to cater for ladies of all ages and all surfing abilities. Whether you are travelling on your own or with a small group of friends you will share an experience with like-minded ladies searching for a self-fulfilling opportunity. Regardless of if you’ve never surfed before or you are an accomplished advanced shredder our Ladies Surf Getaways will ensure you are supported appropriately for your level and confidence.

Our upcoming Ladies Getaways:


Contact us to arrange for your own group of friends for when it suits you (price on enquiry).


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