The benefits of video surf coaching: ‘do I really look like that?’

Watching yourself surf is the best surf coaching technique

Have you ever caught a wave and felt like Stephanie Gilmore doing a bottom turn on a six foot plus wave, but when you see footage or an image it looked more like a wipeout on a two foot close-out?

Video coaching is such a great tool to identify what’s holding you back and pinpoint what you need to change in order to improve your surfing. There is often a misconception amongst surfers that you must be an advanced surfer to benefit from the use of video analysis coaching to help improve your surfing technique and skills. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The benefits of video analysis applies to all levels of surfing performance from the complete beginner to the weekend warrior and the elite of the professional World Tour. In fact, the earlier that you identify and address issues and correct your technique the faster your surfing performance will improve and the more fun you will have in the surf.

adam-gosling-36Our Surf Getaways are focussed on improving your surfing skills and confidence through on the spot personalised coaching, videoing and video footage review/analysis.

Video as surf coaching tool

As a high performance surfing coach who works with surfers of all levels, video review and analysis is an invaluable coaching tool which dramatically enhances the coaching experience. In addition to describing technique, movement and positioning to a surfer, video review enhances the delivery of feedback visually, often by slowing down critical phase, and allows me to give clear and accurate instruction. This makes it easier to understand for the surfer what to change and how to improve, which leads to motivation and an accelerated learning process.

Video analysis coaching not only allows us to identify what technical changes need to be made in surfing, it also rewards a surfer with the visual evidence of the improvement they have made which massively boosts their confidence, motivation and enjoyment in the surf. Which at the end of the day is the most important thing: having fun when surfing!

Video coaching at our Surf Getaways

Our Ladies Surf Getaways include daily guided surf coaching sessions with your 2 highly qualified and experienced Surf Getaways coaches, Jenny and Serena. And daily surf coaching feedback and review back at the resort.

As part of your Custom Getaway we can organise as many video surf coaching sessions as you wish as part of your trip, be it one-on-one or in a small group.

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